8 April 1995
The Ark
Detroit, MI, USA
Late Show
"unknown song" 1
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 2
"unknown" 2
Talk about the Dalai Lama
Unknown Song 3
Shakin’ Street 4
Redemption Song (Bob Marley)5

Island In Your Arms 6
Walk Away Renee 7
Ghost Dance
Come as you are (Nirvana)
About A Boy
Paths that cross
People Have The Power
Farewell Reel

"Fred Sonic Smith Tribute"
1 performed by Kimberley Smith
2 performed by Scott Morgan & Guy Rasmussen
3 performed by unknown guest
4 performed by Hiawatha
5 perfomed by Andi Ostrow & Purple Rising
6 performed by Carolyn Striho
7 perfomed by Lenny Kaye

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