23 March 2007
Baryshnikov Arts Center
New York, NY, USA
Systems (Pere Gimferrer)
Motto (Maria Mercè Marçal)
Two Teeth (Maria Mercè Marçal)
Like the Murderer Returning to the Scene of the Crime (Maria Mercè Marçal)
Poking About in the Joins and Cracks (Maria Mercè Marçal)

Spiritual Canticle (Josep Palau i Fabre)
Words (Miquel Martí i Pol)
When I Sleep Then I See Clearly (J V Foix)
We Were Three (J V Foix)
Faithful Heart (Josep Carner)
If I’m Let (Josep Carner)
"Made in CataluNYa"
Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed and Patti Smith read 20th century Catalonian poetry.
Patti Smith read these poems in English translation.