6 November 2010
Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA
The Land of Nod (Robert Louis Stevenson)
The Four Dragons (traditional)
Record of a Dream
Kubla Khan (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
My Idle Dreams Roam Far (Gazing at the South) (Li Yu)
All I Have to Do is Dream* (Everly Brothers)
Ghost Dance1
I’m Only Sleeping* (The Beatles)
Seeing Li Bai in a Dream I (Du Fu)
Pissing in a River1

It’s a Dream1 (Neil Young)
Because the Night1
Puff the Magic Dragon* (Peter, Paul and Mary)
People Have the Power1

Irene (Italo Calvino)
Goodnight Irene1 (Leadbelly)
Dancing Barefoot1

"Khubilai Khan: A salute to the world of Kubla Khan and the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge"
Patti Smith, Jesse Smith, Michael Campbell and 1 Lenny Kaye.