Thank You

The parents of these pages are "the patti smith setlists". Thanks to my collaborateurs there Andrew, Claude and Claudia for their help and hours of conversation, discussion and entertainment. Furthermore all the thanks from the parent-site "the patti smith setlists" apply to the logbook too.
Thanks to everyone who contributed their art, scans, pictures, memorabilia or their stories, especially:
Mark Arminski, Andrew F. Wilson, Claudia, Helmut Moldaschl, Jan the Lazyman, Jack Mottram, John Pusateri, Karen, Kurt Tauber, Michael Ollk, Paolo, Pierre, Ron Donovan, Stevie Dixon, Thomas Spielbühler, Mark Fallon

Thanks to the friends I have met on the road ( in chronological order): especially Karen, Liz, Heather, Kim, Dan, Max, Alice, Claudia, Gabi, Frieder, Hubert, Cordy, Conny, Reinhard, Claude, Chantal and to the friends I hope to meet: Andrew, M, Thomas, Michael, Paolo...