20 Oct. 1977 - 15 Jan. 1978 Gallery Veith Turske, Cologne, GERMANY
Veith Turske had seen Patti Smith’s exhibition at the Gotham Book Mart and was determined to bring her art to Europe. He catalogued her work again (Andi Ostrowe had made the first attempt) and organized her journey to Germany.
The exhibition was a big success: the opening performance (called Rock’n Rimbaud) in front of 200 invited guests was broadcast on TV, 3.000 pieces of the catalogue with reproductions of her paintings, poems and photographs were printed and soon sold out.
Interest in her art was so big that even "bootlegged" versions of the catalogue surfaced. Swiss painter Frantz Gertsch took photographs of the perfomance that served as blueprints for his large paintings (see also TV-Land / Documentaries / Patti Smith and Franz Gertsch ).
1997 Patti Smith was again invited by Veith Turske to perform at his "Liss Ard 97" Festival in Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland.
Catalogue on Sounds Cover
Cologne Catalogue - Counterfeit