Patti Smith and
Franz Gertsch

directed by Peter Wehrli
produced by DRS (Swiss Television)
Switzerland 1979
15 min

This clip documents the creation of the paintings "Patti Smith I - IV"by swiss painter Franz Gertsch (see also Salut Arthur and Exhibitions / Drawings ) as well as her visit at the atelier of the painter in June 1979 with Fred Smith.
In the following interview she sais that she always wanted to be an artist’s muse.
We then see a small part of a perfomance (maybe a reading, maybe a question and answer session) that took place in Franz Gertsch’s Atelier 12 Juni 1979. The painter once again takes photographs that will lead to the final painting of the series "Patti Smith V".
Patti Smith and Franz Gertsch 1
Patti Smith and Franz Gertsch 2
Smith and Franz Gertsch 3