20 Stunden mit
Patti Smith

directed by Dolezal/Rossacher
produced by ORF
Austria 1978
80 min

This documentary follows Patti Smith during her stay in Vienna 1978, from her arrival at the airport to her departure.
Most of the interviews take place while she is driven around the city in a car. There is also footage of her buying a clarinet in a music store, performing a version of "An American Prayer" in a studio with a local violin player and arriving at the venue and in the dressing room.
This documentary was also shown at the Filmfestival "Viennale 05" in Vienna this summer.
Footage of the show itself is app. 50 min long.(see also "filmed concerts")
(English language with german subtitles)
20 hours with Patti Smith 1
20 hours with Patti Smith 2
20 hours with Patti Smith 3