Blank Generation
USA 1976

20 Stunden mit Patti Smith
(20 hours with Patti Smith)
Austria 1978

Il Fiore Del Male
Patti Smith in Italy
Italy 1979

Patti Smith and
Franz Gertsch
Switzerland 1979

Dancing Barefoot
Czech Republik 1994

Rock Family Trees
BBC UK 1995

Dancing In The Streets
BBC UK 1996

Gone Again Promo Postcard
USA 1996

MCM 24 h News Mag
France 1996

Lola da Musica
Netherlands 1996

L’ocèan des possibles
(Sea of Possibilities)
France 1997

Lending the Garden a Voice
Germany 1998

The House of the Rising Punk
Germany 1998

Rimbaud A New York
France 2002

I Love Rock N Roll
Italy 2004

House of the Rising Punk
L’ocean des possibles
20 hours with Patti Smith