Salut Arthur

Galerie Veith Turske, Cologne,
Belgium TV 1981 ??
recorded: 20 Oct. 1977
first aired: 1981 ??
about 30 min

Patti Smith opened her exhibition of drawings in Cologne with a solo-reading that drew a lot of media attention. It was recorded for TV (probably belgian TV, the recordings have french subtitles) and an audio recording was released on tape.
It was also Arthur Rimbaud’s Birthday (Oct. 20, 1854).
Linda, Dream of Rimbaud, Picasso Laughing, I Was Working Real Hard (Lullaby), Seventh Heaven, Rape, Oath, Babelfield, Prayer, Electric Guitar Statement
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 Cologne Reading 1977 1
Cologne Reading 1977 2
Cologne Reading 1977 3