L’ocèan des possibles
(Sea of Possibilities)

directed by Anais Prosaic
produced by by Morgane production, La Sept-Arte, Image Resource
France 1997
60 min

This is one of the best known documentaries about Patti Smith, because it was braodcasted in many countries around the world and shown at music-film festivals.
It contains a well balanced mixture of archive footage ("SNL", "Old Grey Whistle Test" 1976 and 1978, "Stockholm 1976", "Essen 1979", "People Have The Power" video, "Summer Cannibals" video, up-to-date live footage (L’Olympia and Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris 1996) and interviews.
Patti Smith herself was not satisfied with this documentary and distanced herself from it.
Sea of Possibilities 1
Sea of Possibilities 2
Sea of Possibilities 3